5 things to keep in mind before you start vlogging.

Here are some tips which will help you in making a better vlog.

Have an Idea of what your end footage will look like.

Write down some notes about how your vlog gonna starts, how it gonna ends, and how you’ll make it interesting for viewers. Let’s make a list of your normal day and how you gonna vlog it. You went to the office, talk in the car while going to the office, reach there and start working, On the way back home but you just remembered, you have to buy groceries and, you went back to the grocery store, came back home, talk how your day was in the office and, the vlogs end there. It’s that simple.

Think about Post-production.

Editing can make your video way too interesting than you think. Think about transitions and, how you gonna adjust two clips, where to put your cinematics and where to speed ramp etc. So, the whole point is to Think about editing while shooting.

Be yourself.

People are not watching your vlog because you have a Lamborghini or a better lifestyle etc. People are here to hang out with you. So don’t try to be like Leonardo Di Caprio. Just Be yourself.

The story is Everything.

The story is the main thing in Vlogging. Keep your stories unpredictable, If I, as a viewer find your stories predictable, then I'll just move on to another video. The reason behind this is because everyone knows what gonna happens in the video, so they are not interested in your video anymore. Focus on “How’s” in your video means to focus on how things happened or how your time passed by.

Equipment doesn’t matter.

Equipment doesn’t matter. Start with whatever you have right now. It might be your iPhone, Camera, or Cinema camera. Don’t invest until you find the input you wanted from your videos. No one cares about the camera, gear, and drone. Everyone just wants to know about you.

That’s it.

Let me know if you find it helpful. Thank you!

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